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Today I learned that AT&T will send you a free microcell/femtocell (and maybe even a free phone) for use in your home if you can't get a good signal for your mobile phone. Submitted by one of our members:

"Something you might want to consider for a Today I Learned Tuesday topic that others might not be aware of. Not sure if it works for other cellular carriers, but worth a try... For years I have been frustrated with the signal I get from my AT&T Blackberry in my home. (I've called their support many times over the years but they were unable to improve the service.) The only way I could even make or receive calls in my home was to have the phone directly next to the window (and, even then, the call was full of static and often dropped). So I called AT&T with the intent of canceling my service. They offered to send me a 3G MicroCell for free which effectively creates a mini cellular tower in your home and gives you five bars. They even overnighted it to me. Though I had told the representative that I had a 2G phone, they said it would work. When I installed it the next day, it didn't work. I called AT&T back and they said I could upgrade my phone to 3G for $99 and a 2-year agreement. When I told them that I would instead be canceling the service if I had to pay anymore money to get a phone that worked in my home, they upgraded my phone for free (they charged me the $99 for the phone and then gave me a full credit to offset the price). Now I have a new Blackberry, a MicroCell, and five bars of coverage anywhere in my house... all for free. Though I'm still very unhappy with AT&T for all of the years that I didn't have coverage in my home and, granted, I understand that the cellular companies are likely doing this because they have to find a way to decrease the bandwidth strain/network congestion on their networks, I think it's proper to give credit where credit is due. Thanks AT&T."

What did you learn today?


Original posting by Braincrave Second Life staff on Nov 30, 2010 at http://www.braincrave.com/viewblog.php?id=391

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