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Today I learned from "America's worst mom" that the earliest episodes of Sesame Street are "for adult viewing only" for fear they will give kids dangerous ideas (Sesame Street just couldn't bring itself to suggest that children should ever go out without adult supervision), that Boy Scouts in the United Kingdom can't carry pocket knives because they are considered too dangerous and might be used to stab others, that Girl Scouts are taught to put their knee down when roasting marshmallows over the fire for fear they might fall into the fire, and that grade schools banned tag for fear of being sued by hurt kids.

And then we learn the EU has now banned children under 8 from blowing up balloons or blowing on party whistles for fear they might choke.

What used to be considered healthy and happy is now considered dangerous.

Lenore Skenazy blames it on the media delivering a message that there is terror outside your home. She blames it on the lawyers who create a litigious society. She blames it on the "culture of experts" who tell us "precisely" how to raise a good child which we parents will inevitably get wrong. She blames it on the "kiddy safety industrial complex" who bring us products like baby knee pads (to prevent babies from hurting themselves on the crushed glass you laid out on the floor in their nurseries).

Are we being overly cautious? Do you agree with her? Anyone else you would blame?

If you're a parent, this is a must-watch video.

Lenore Skenazy: Is Freedom Too Dangerous for Kids?

What did you learn today?


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