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During the holiday season, we typically hear cries for "peace on earth and goodwill toward all." It remains to be seen how this is possible when the US (purportedly) spends $660+ billion on military expenditures ($725 billion just approved for 2011), the next closest country being China who spends $100 billion. (And let's not forget the missing $2.3 trillion that the US military can't account for.) Cindy Sheehan's son was killed in Iraq and, since that time, she has been an outspoken critic of America's wars. She used to be a Democrat until the liberal-controlled Congress authorized the continued funding of the Iraq war. For all of you who think that the recently repealed "don't ask, don't tell" policy was a win for the gay rights movement and human rights, perhaps you ought to consider otherwise. Did the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" really bring us closer to peace on earth and goodwill toward all or move us further away from the ideal?


The recent repeal of the US military policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" is far from being the human rights advancement some are touting it to be. I find it intellectually dishonest, in fact, illogical on any level to associate human rights with any military, let alone one that is currently dehumanising two populations as well as numerous other victims of it's clandestine "security" policies...

While I am a staunch advocate for equality of marriage and same-sex partnership, I cannot - as a peace activist - rejoice in the fact that now homosexuals can openly serve next to heterosexuals in one of the least socially responsible organisations that currently exists on earth: The US military...

Even with the advent of WikiLeaks, transparency and accountability of US military activity has been sucked into a black hole of silence. Drone attacks, illegal cross-border interventions, extra-judicial assassinations all occur in the name of national interest. It is not in the interest of equal rights activists to support an institution that is intent on ignoring every protocol of human decency...

Don't equal human rights extend to those that the Empire has mislabeled as the "enemy"? Or do we now have to ignore the fact that innocent people are being slaughtered by the thousands?

...The US military is not a human rights organisation and nowhere near a healthy place to earn a living or raise a family...

I want to bang my head against a wall when another young gay person commits suicide as a result despicable bullying, yet people within the same community have fought hard for the right to openly join the biggest bully ever! Don't go, don't kill!

Don't go, don't kill! The repeal of don't ask, don't tell for gays in the US military is not a positive step for equality, activist says.


Original posting by Braincrave Second Life staff on Dec 26, 2010 at http://www.braincrave.com/viewblog.php?id=414

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