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In 1996, Dolly the sheep made headlines around the world as the first mammal to be successfully cloned. As a result of the experiment, President Clinton ordered research into the legal and ethical issues of human cloning. Many governments have prohibited human cloning research. Some argue that cloning is immoral because it is humanity trying to play God. Yet these same individuals go to doctors to get medicines to extend their lives and make them healthy. Others argue that cloning will lead to eugenics, evoking images of Nazi experimentation. If it was your choice, would you allow cloning research to continue?


Ever since the birth of Dolly the sheep in 1996, human cloning for reproductive purposes has seemed inevitable. Notwithstanding past dubious claims of such an achievement - including one by a company backed by a UFO cult - no human clones have been made, other than those born naturally as identical twins. Despite success with other mammals, the process has proved much more difficult in humans - which may strike some people as comforting and others as disappointing...

In the U.S., not all states have banned human reproductive cloning. The United Nations has adopted a nonbinding ban. If human cloning happens, it will "occur in a less restrictive area of the world - probably by some wealthy eccentric individual," Lanza conjectures. Will we recoil in horror or grow to accept cloning as we have in vitro fertilization? Certainly developing new ways to create life will force us to think about the responsibilities of wielding such immense scientific power.

Cloning of a Human. The process is extremely difficult, but it also seems inevitable

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