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For too long, our society has been tainted by this adage... this taboo of good things. Why, oh why, is this? A product of our psyche? A product of shared cultural values? Or, is it really undeniably true?

We see a great bargain on a new car in a TV commercial but, when it comes time to buy, hidden costs unexpectedly emerge. Yes, a $10,000 new car with all the perks is "too good to be true;" the question is: why? The roots of this deception are advertisers and business men; this is obvious. However, it is not natural law that defines the car or the offer as "too good to be true." Such roots lie elsewhere.

Selfishness, greed, and gluttony are the only things that drive this society

We all know the conclusion of this tale. Although consciously you know the offer is "too good to be true," you allow them to reel you into making the purchase. You were played - you know it. But, regardless, it's probably the best deal you were going to get, right?

This example is the norm of our society. When we see something good, immediately we doubt. It's what we are used to; it's how we were raised. "Too good" has become taboo. We fear from it. Nothing can be that great... that beneficial to you... without someone else also gaining something in return. Everything of value costs something, no matter if paid with money, time, effort, trust, or the like.

"No one can be that nice and expect nothing in return," we ponder. It leads us to question the motives of anyone giving us a helping hand.

Well, I say FUCK YOU! Fuck you to everyone who thinks that way. Fuck you to everyone who expects something in return. Selfishness, greed, and gluttony are the only things that drive this society. Sure, I'll provide some "charity" to those whose actions are driven by self-preservation... but I wonder how they got into those predicaments? Can you guess?

...I can.

Circular Society

Circular Society


Original posting by squid on Apr 13, 2010 at http://www.braincrave.com/viewblog.php?id=32

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