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So here's my story of how I fell in love with jazz.

Sitting at home years ago, bored to tears, I see this video come on called "Two Shots" by Matt Dusk. "Who the hell is this and where has he been all my life" were my initial thoughts on the matter. Not being overly exposed to such music growing up, I decided to go out and purchase the CD the following day. This was just the beginning of my journey.

I could not miss this, this man who changed my life

From there, I fell in love with the greats: Ella, Frank, Sammie, Billie, Louis and the list goes on. However, my heart will always remember how it began with one song, one day, by one man.

This music has gotten me through some pretty tough times, teenage pregnancy being one. It is a music that just gets deep down and doesn't let go. Some say I'm an old soul because blues and jazz get me through the day, not to mention my favorite movie is Casablanca, but I don't care what they say.

When my son's father called it quits after two years, Billie Holiday did not leave my CD player. Her songs spoke to me in a way no social worker, psychologist, parent or friend could have ever gotten through.

In October 2006, when I heard I could win tickets to go see Matt Dusk in concert, here in Moncton, I prayed on my lucky star to get through as caller 7. I was caller 6, but I took it as a sign that I should not give up. I could not miss this, this man who changed my life. So, one day, I got to talking with my cousin about it, and he calls me up about a week later with two tickets, my birthday present, my lucky star.

The count down began, and the day finally came, Friday November 17th. To put the icing on the cake, Matt was to appear at the opening of Future Shop that afternoon. I, of course, was there.

Unlike typical celebrities, Matt was not sitting behind a table distancing himself from the commoners, so to speak. He was standing, greeting everyone with a smile and a firm handshake, a regular guy. That was impressing, but not nearly as impressing as him remembering me and my cousin after the show stating "I saw you guys today didn't I?" I was floored.

The show was amazing. He established a close relationship with the audience that stayed throughout the show. But my favorite moment was when he surprised me with "you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss..." - As Time Goes By. I closed my eyes for the entire song as tear after tear ran down my cheeks, and I thought of how my life resembled a little too much that of those two love birds in Casablanca.

Only twice in my life have I ever experienced such bombardment of emotions all at once. The birth of my son, and during that song.

Then, Sunday November 19th, I went back to my life. Full-time university student / full-time mom / part-time retail worker. I went back to school the next day as usual, studied some Shakespeare, Marlowe, Bede, or whatever middle English writer was in the syllabus, went to the gym, came home and took care of my little angel. Then as it was and is our bed time tradition, I sang him to sleep with Billie's "Summertime" and remembered how this music, introduced to me by Matt Dusk, has forever changed who I am and my outlook on life.

Thank you Matt, for everything.


Original posting by Lilith on Jan 21, 2010 at http://www.braincrave.com/viewblog.php?id=22

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