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"America's leading leftist intellectual" and MIT professor Noam Chomsky once remarked that "The U.S. is a leading terrorist state, as are its clients." He has said "that there is no War on Terror." He was recently interviewed about Barack Obama. He said that he thinks Obama is worse than George Bush (e.g., he's escalated the war against Afghanistan, he vetoed the UN Security Council's resolution calling for Israeli settlements to be condemned as illegal and seeking to halt construction, "he's directly involved in supporting criminal actions"). He thinks the Nuremberg principles should be applied to Obama. Do you agree with him?


Obama is a man of absolutely no principles. He has two constituencies. One of them is the popular constituency, the people who voted for him. For them he is doing essentially nothing. He has another constituency: the people who financed his campaign, the financial institutions. And they are getting rewarded. Obama came in the middle of the financial crisis so the first issue was what to do with the economic crisis? Well, he put together an economic team to deal with it but take a look at them. The business press went through the appointments and pointed out that these people should be getting subpoenas and should not be fixing the economy. They are the people who wrecked it. Nevertheless, they were picked by Obama to put bandages on it...

Anything that involves wealth and power is essentially left untouched. There was an effort to do something about the regulation of the financial industry. It's better than nothing, but when you look at it, it has all kind of loopholes that have to be filled in by legislation and the lobbyists are already all over it. The lobbyists are making sure that the legislation will be such that it leaves the financial institutions alone. The major problem is the regulation and the government's insurance policies. The government does give insurance policies to financial institutions. It is called "too big to fail". It is telling Goldman Sachs you can make any kind of risky transaction you may like, since it is risky you will make a lot of money, it will collapse at one point but don't worry the tax payers will come and bail you out. So of course we are having a financial crisis. These are Obama's policies.

Noam Chomsky on Obama's presidency


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