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In his pamphlet The Law, French economist Frederick Bastiat stated "Since the law organizes justice, the socialists ask why the law should not also organize labor, education, and religion." Bastiat criticized Socialists for branding people with the name "individualist" and "cleverly disguis[ing] this legal plunder... under the seductive names of fraternity, unity, organization, and association." Is political correctness sponsored by collectivism a humbug? Should we change Black History Month to Human History Month to be more inclusive? (Even Morgan Freeman doesn't want a Black History Month.) How about renaming the various, worldwide Jewish Film Festivals as just Film Festivals? While we're at it, why not change Gay Pride Month to Gender-Neutral Pride Month and ban the American flag from America because people might be offended? Has Xmas become a four-letter word? Who or what is the real grinch who stole Christmas?


It began when word got to Managing Director Rich Negrin that some city workers and residents were offended by the giant "Christmas Village" sign erected on Dilworth Plaza's northwest corner.

After all, there are a few Jewish and Muslim vendors among the nearly 50 wooden booths that make up Philadelphia's version of the traditional German Christmas village, which officially opened here Thursday.

There was also a story that reached Negrin about a little Jewish girl walking with her father who asked, according to Negrin: "Dad, don't we get a village?"

The upshot was the private organizer, Thomas Bauer, agreed with Negrin during the day on Tuesday to remove the word Christmas and replace it with Holiday.

But then Tuesday night, Bauer issued a statement that said the sign would be completely removed. The event will continue to be called "Christmas Village in Philadelphia."

"...This is not about taking Christmas out of the holiday. It's about being more inclusive," Negrin told reporters outside the mayor's office Tuesday afternoon, before the second change. "I expected some complaints. Sometimes you have to make tough choices."

He added that the sign's first change was not a move in the name of political correctness, but rather one of "common sense."

...Open through Dec. 24, the village is modeled on German farmers markets, which date to the 15th century and, in the days leading up to the holiday, sell Christmas-specific toys, ornaments, and foods. The most famous is the Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg...

Negrin also said the lighting of the City Hall "holiday tree" - as it is called in a news release from the mayor's office - will still occur. The tree is on the west side of Dilworth Plaza in the middle of the village...

The tree, a 28-foot Colorado blue spruce, is "not a discrete religious symbol," Negrin said. "It's a pagan symbol."

'Christmas Village' but without the sign


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