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Sex sells. Every advertiser knows this. As human beings, it's a natural desire. There is nothing inherently wrong with sex as it leads to the continuation of humanity. Sex can allow someone without other skills to earn money and support themselves. So why are so many out to impose their will on others and prevent two adults from consensual sex? Prostitution is a victimless crime, and is legal in many developed nations. (Prostitution is illegal in all of the US but Nevada.) When you make something illegal that people want, it only drives the activities underground (i.e., to the black market). There are genuine, rational disagreements in the prostitution debate. Do laws make prostitution worse (e.g., more dangerous, more corrupt, more violent, more unhealthy)? Have you ever bought or sold sex before and, if so, what was it like?


He lay down on the small bed in the room. Bonnie fondled his genitals. She rubbed her mound against his leg. He thought she was very aggressive.

"You want everything?" she allegedly asked, "Sex, too?"

"Yes, same price, $100?" he asked. "Yes," she replied, pointing to a table in the room.

He placed $100 on the table.

Bonnie tugged a condom onto his erect penis.

When it was over, she washed him once more before he left. He had been in the massage parlor for approximately 55 minutes, according to the report...

His identity is undisclosed, although the report says he has worked on stings with NHPD on numerous occasions for more than two years. The NHPD reimbursed him for the $160 in total he had spent on Bonnie...

Outside, New Haven Police Department officers in a purposefully nondescript vehicle were waiting for him. They followed him, and, after a certain distance, they stopped him. Then he told them what had happened with Bonnie. He was a confidential informant who had been recruited by the police to buy sex from this massage parlor...

a little more than a month after the confidential informant's visit, police raided the massage parlor, Star Sauna. They closed down the facility and arrested seven women on the premises. Three men were caught in a state of undress and "in the act of sexual activity." They were not arrested. Bonnie was interrupted while entertaining one of the men in a bikini. She and the other women were arrested. She was charged with two counts of prostitution and one count of conspiracy to commit prostitution.

The best little whorehouse in New Haven


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