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Today I learned condoms were originally made of linen and Casanova, the womanizer, called them "The English Overcoat." Who created the first colored condom? The Japanese, of course. (In other news, 89 million condoms to be given out for free at Brazil's Carnival.)


Various forms of penis protectors, not for contraceptive purposes were used in pre-historic times in order to protect a wearer during combat, or against insect bites, tropical disease, or evil spirits, or in assorted colours as badges of rank, or as charms to promote fertility, or as decorations...

The earliest description of the condom was by the great Italian anatomist Gabriello Fallopio in 1564, published 2 years after his death. He claimed to have invented a linen sheath, made to fit the glans and it was worn for protection against syphilis. He tried it on 1100 men, no more, no less - not one of them became infected. A similar device was described in 1597 by the medical writer Hercules Saxsonial (pp 79-80). Most authorities have rejected the story of Dr Condom, a physician and Colonel to King Charles II (1660-1685) that he provided the King with means of preventing more illegitimate offspring...

Casanova (1725-1798) mentioned condoms several times in his exhaustive memoirs. However, he was not enthusiastic about them. He did not appreciate the value of the condom until later in life. He used to inflate condoms to amuse the ladies and test them for holes...

He provided more information than anybody else on the sizes and qualities of 'The English Overcoat' as he used to call the condoms available for sale. One girl found condoms nasty, disgusting and scandalous. Another, although granting that they were very fine, complained that she did not like 'ce petit personnage' so much when it was covered (p 30)...

The first coloured condom was introduced by a Japanese firm in 1949.

The history of the condom

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