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Today I learned one of the creators of Superman drew S&M and bondage comics that were banned by the Supreme Court, the creator of Star Trek created a show about a gym teacher having sex with his students, and the creator of Archie drew girlie pin-ups.

Days after the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerome Siegel were rebuffed in a lawsuit against Warner Bros. (Daily Variety, July 9), co-creator Joe Shuster is at the center of a film deal.

The Gotham Group has optioned screen rights to "Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster," a book by Craig Yoe published earlier this year by Abrams ComicArts...

Book pegs Shuster as the secret artist behind "The Nights of Horror," a 16-volume series of mob-financed underground comics depicting scenes that range from S&M to brutal torture.

The comics were sold covertly under the counters of Times Square bookshops -- until they sparked a dragnet and crackdown on comics, several sensational trials and a Supreme Court censorship case in 1954.

All this came after the leader of a group dubbed the Brooklyn Thrill Killers pegged the comics as the inspiration for a crime spree that involved flogging women with whips, humiliating vagrants, the beating death of one man and the drowning of another.

Gotham to reveal Shuster's 'Secret'. Group gets rights to Superman co-creator bio

Pretty Maids All in a Row is an American mystery film starring Rock Hudson and Angie Dickinson that is part dark comedy, part murder mystery. It was released on April 28, 1971, directed by Roger Vadim, and written and produced by Gene Roddenberry based on a novel by Francis Pollini...

The story is set in "Oceanfront High School," a fictitious American high school in the height of the sexual revolution. Young female students are being targeted by an unknown serial killer. Meanwhile, a male student called Ponce is experiencing sexual frustration, surrounded by a seemingly unending stream of beautiful and sexually provocative classmates.

Michael "Tiger" McDrew is the high school's football coach and guidance counselor. There is another aspect of Tiger's character. He is quite fond of sexual encounters with female students. Tiger tries to befriend Ponce and help him deal with his sexual needs by encouraging him to seek the affections of a sexy substitute teacher, Miss Smith.

Meanwhile, one young girl after another turns up dead. A police detective captain, Sam Surcher, investigates but never makes an arrest. Tiger is suspected, but never caught red-handed. It is never known for certain who did what, but we do learn later that Tiger has moved to Brazil.

Pretty Maids All in a Row

A handsome collection of rare pin-ups from the late cartoonist who defined Betty & Veronica's look. For nearly half a century, Dan DeCarlo was the Archie comic book artist and defined the look of every adolescent boy's wet dreams, Betty and Veronica, with their trademark upturned noses, tight sweaters, and barely-there mini-skirts. From 1956 to 1963, DeCarlo also produced hundreds of pin-up cartoons for the Humorama line of girlie digests, where his line drawings and exquisite ink-wash paintings shared the pages with Jack Cole, Bill Ward, and Bill Wenzel, and photos featuring Bettie Page. Culling through thousands of Humorama digests, editor Alex Chun has selected the best of DeCarlo's ink wash pin-up work, with many featuring captions by Marvel Comics' Stan Lee. Along with collecting hundreds of long out-of-print images, the book also features an introductory essay by long time DeCarlo friend and current Bongo Comics creative director Bill Morrison.

The Pin-up Art of Dan DeCarlo

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