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Today I learned that Hong Kong gets 1 Gbps broadband service for $26 a month while the FCC tries to LEGISLATE an "ambitious" goal of 100Mbs. Perhaps it's time to get rid of the wankers at the FCC? (In other news, "His Changiness" is focused on giving 98% of Americans their constitutional right to wireless internet while pushing for an internet kill switch...)


Last month we reported on the FCC's "ambitious" national broadband plan which includes the goal of providing 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds to 100 million U.S. homes. Sounds like a lofty goal doesn't it? Not when you consider what the folks living in Hong Kong have today. Residents there now have access to an affordable 1 Gbps connection according to a report by Convergence Conversation.

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), a local Internet provider, announced a jaw dropping deal compared to what U.S. citizens have access to. The offer includes a symmetric 1 Gbps broadband connection for $26 a month. If you only need a 100 Mbps connection they have that too. The 100 Mbps service, launched back in November, only costs $13 a month...

The U.S. prides itself on being a leader in a number of things including technology. Clearly, we are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to broadband service. How embarrassing. While we talk of lofty goals like 100 Mbps connections to 100 million homes a company in Hong Kong has already done it and they now have a 1 Gbps offering. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the subscriptions are cheap. Their 1 Gbps service at $26 a month is cheaper than most high speed broadband plans in the U.S. which are much slower.

Hong Kong gets 1 Gbps broadband service for $26 a month

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