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Milton Friedman, the originator of the withholding tax, once said "we're all Keynesians now" (referring to the disastrous economic policies promoted by John Maynard Keynes). More recently, Newsweek (and liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell) claimed that "we're all socialists now." By the logic of Friedman, Newsweek, and MSNBC, is it true that we are also all torturers now?

George W. Bush has written in his new book that he "Damn right" approved of torture. (Lest we not forget that former VP Dick Cheney also stated publicly that he is "a big supporter of waterboarding" and he authorized torture as well.) Obama, who enjoys being in the company of killers, who has a license to kill, and who believes he has the power to execute anyone he considers an enemy without due process (and keep it secret to boot), supports these criminals and refuses to prosecute US citizens who torture. (Obama also just recently refused to prosecute the CIA's destruction of video tapes documenting the torture in direct contravention of a court order.) This is what Obama means when he talks about "looking forward."

Torture has led the US government on a wild goose chase, destroyed the rule of law, and made the world less safe. Is this what we should be honoring veterans for? As it seems that the public doesn't generally care about the US government torturing people, are we all torturers now? Do you want George Bush prosecuted for torture?


The United States must prosecute former President George W. Bush for torture if his admission in a memoir that he authorized waterboarding holds true, rights group Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

In "Decision Points," published this week, Bush defended his decision to authorize waterboarding, a form of simulated drowning condemned by some as torture. Bush said the practice was limited to three detainees and led to intelligence breakthroughs that thwarted attacks and saved lives...

Amnesty International's Senior Director Claudio Cordone said in a statement: "Under international law, anyone involved in torture must be brought to justice, and that does not exclude former President George W. Bush.

Amnesty: prosecute Bush for admitted waterboarding


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