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It appears that the US concept of "justice" is spilling over to Canada. Place knowingly innocent men and victims in jail for life and let murderers go free. Put aside for a moment how this story just reeks of poor journalism, trying to mislead readers as to how "compassionate and merciful" the decision is to let a mother who murdered her 14-year old daughter not spend any time in jail because she will be going to counselling (after all, as the reporter states, "it's all in the context"). John Adams spoke of creating a "government of laws and not of men." Is that important? Why do we continue to permit judges to do whatever they want under the false mantra of "judicial discretion?" Does allowing judges to make decisions based on their own feelings, instead of laws or other hard standards, promote or detract from justice?

FTA: "A Calgary mother won't spend a day in jail for killing her teenage daughter with a head scarf - a decision that has prompted outrage. A national victims' group, based in Toronto, is stunned by the suspended sentence... He placed her on probation for three years with several conditions, including taking counselling for grief, depression and anger management. The judge rejected an argument by Crown prosecutors Mac Vomberg and Sarah Bhola for a 12-year prison term, instead accepting the position of defence lawyer Alain Hepner, saying a suspended sentence can still meet the demands of justice. "At first blush (a suspended sentence) may sound like a get-out-of-jail-free card. It is not," said LoVecchio. "The court has said the act in question does not merit a period of incarceration."

Outrage over ruling that mom who strangled daughter won't be jailed


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