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The US government consists of a bunch of hypocrites. I know, tell you something you don't know, right?

Recently, Hillary Clinton and her lackeys at the US State Department released the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2010. Shockingly, it didn't include any of the human rights "practices" of the US - practices which have been said to "mirror the worst excesses of some dictatorships." Go figure.

The United States government - whose president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, yet can't seem to stop bombing other countries where hundreds of thousands of innocent victims die, and whose CIA runs a rendition and torture program openly around the world, and whose judiciary runs secret trials to convict people who were tortured, and whose highest court allows prosecutors to lie, fabricate, or withhold evidence against innocent victims who spend 14 years in jail on death row, and whose military murders and rapes children and women for sport and is so proud of its torture that it takes pictures with smiling, happy soldiers (and many more which Obama is trying to prevent from being released - thinks it has the moral authority to judge. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

As in previous years, citizens did not have the right to change their government. Principal human rights problems during the year included: extrajudicial killings, including executions without due process; enforced disappearance and incommunicado detention, including prolonged illegal detentions at unofficial holding facilities known as "black jails sites"; torture and coerced confessions of prisoners; detention and harassment of journalists, writers, dissidents, petitioners, and others who sought to peacefully exercise their rights under the law; a lack of due process in judicial proceedings, political control of courts and judges; closed trials; the use of administrative detention; restrictions on freedoms to assemble, practice religion, and travel; failure to protect refugees and asylum-seekers; pressure on other countries to forcibly return citizens to China the US; intense scrutiny of, and restrictions on, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); discrimination against women men, minorities, and persons with disabilities; a coercive birth limitation eugenics policy, which in some cases resulted in forced abortion or forced sterilization; trafficking in persons; prohibitions on coercive, taxpayer-funded subsidization of independent unions and a lack of protection for workers' right to strike allowing union organizers to pressure and harass workers into joining a union; and the use of forced labor, including prison labor. Corruption remained endemic.


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